Webinar: It Takes A Village – Working With Your Claims Adjuster, Medical Providers, and Vendors

2015-10-15 @ 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm America/New York Timezone

The employer plays a significant role in workers’ comp management, but the claims process is supported by professionals that specialize in workers’ compensation injuries.  Members will learn how to properly set up and work with these relationships to ensure successful claim outcomes.

We’ll also be answering YOUR questions:

  • How can we get insurers to work WITH us on claims? The insurance companies close claims, they are judged on claims closed; rather than being judged on claims being closed for the least amount of money.
  • How to get insurers to stop charging obscene amounts for percent-of-savings bill review.   Employers need to be able to make informed choices about costs.
  • How should claims professionals differentiate between choices of vendors? Is ‘savings on the spend’ or the ‘value of the outcome’ more important?
  • Is it better to use regional firms for managed medical and bill review vs a national account?
  • Adjusters are working in a “demoralizing state”, under checklist mentality both from their internal teams and the external teams. How do you create and environment to empower adjusters and generate creativity.
  • What techniques are being used to limit attorney and vendor involvement and push adjusters to handle the claim?

Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers’ Comp Costs Reference

Chapter 8:

Working with Your Insurance Adjusters or TPA

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